Wolf Spider Babies

Bobby Brown, a former student from Northwest Missouri State University, recently captured a gigantic wolf spider on camera, which he says measures around four inches (10cm) in diameter when its legs were fully extended. Unlike other spiders, female wolf spiders carry their eggs by attaching a spherical silk egg sac to their spinnerets at the end of their abdomens, to allow them to carry their unborn young with them. They are great mothers because immediately after the spiderlings emerge from the egg sac, a mother will allow them to clamber up her legs and live on her abdomen where they are safely camouflaged from predators for the best chance of survival. Continue reading for the video – not safe for work language.

According to The Daily Mail, “The video has been viewed over seven million times since it was posted last week and Mr Brown has responded to its success by saying: ‘It’s…insane. I posted that spider video on Friday, and now it’s gotten a million shares. I literally get a friend request every 10 seconds.'”