WonderCube Gadget

At just 1-cubic-inch, you wouldn’t expect something so small to be of much use, right? Introducing WonderCube. This 8-in-1 accessory features a foldout 3″ USB cord (Micro-USB + Lightning cable), a concealed microSD slot, emergency charging capabilities when paired with a 9-volt battery (3.5 additional hours of talk time), kickstand functionality via micro-suction cups that stick to the back of your phone and an integrated LED torch. Continue reading for a video of it in-action and the Indiegogo page.

“We all know that desperate feeling holding a drained phone. Never again! Now, a Battery Charger is integrated in your keyring. You can always give an emergency boost to your phone! Just pop the top open and plug in a 9V battery which can easily be found in any nearby store. (To give an significant boost of approx. 3.5 hrs extra talking time for iOS & Android devices, including iPhone5, 6 & 6+, Galaxy S4 & S5),” according to its creators at Mutant DesignLab. Indiegogo page.