These custom computers just might be the ultimate weekend project for those with broken Xbox 360s and/or a Game Boy. In other words, they double as functional cases. Continue reading to see more.

Game Boy PC

You know you’re a geek when you manage to cram a PC inside a Game Boy. That’s right, a modder stuffed a functional EPIA PX10000G computer inside the Game Boy, complete with an SD card slot, Ethernet, and USB ports.

Xbox 360 Elite PC

Concealed in this Xbox 360 Elite, is a functional Mac system that’s powered by a Power Mac G4 (867MHz) processor and boasts 60GB of internal storage, which can be easily upgraded. Once/if Apple releases a netbook, there should be enough room to cram both computer and the game console components in.

Xbox 360 Tower PC

Xbox 360 owners who have a broken system(s) laying around rejoice; the console can be used not only as a tissue box alarm clock, but also as a functional PC. It features an Intel P4 processor (3.0-GHz), 512MB of memory, 60GB HDD, and 8 x USB ports.