World's Longest Glass Bridge

Photo credit: Bored Panda

Situated 590-feet above ground in China’s grand Shiniuzhai Geopark, this glass-bottomed bridge welcomed its first guests, with some falling to their knees after glancing down at vast expanse of rocks and wildlife below. Connecting the peak of the park to the Stone Buddha Mountain, this bridge was previously made of wood, but after part of it was successfully converted to glass last year, authorities decided to for the complete overhaul. The 984-feet-long walkway in Hunan province is the longest of its kind in the world, taking 11 engineers several months to replace all the planks of wood with glass plates 25-times stronger than regular window glass. Continue reading for another drone video, more pictures and additional information.

World's Longest Glass Bridge China

“Designed with thrill-seekers in mind, the construction has been dubbed ‘hero bridge’ by the Chinese press because of how much courage it takes to cross; not only do you see how high you are, the walkway is said to wobble. It’s the latest in a series of glass-bottomed attractions in China, which have proven popular with tourists,” according to The Independent.