Smallest Cordless Drill

Lance Abernathy, a maintenance engineer from Auckland, New Zealand, used an Ultimaker 2 desktop 3D printer to create the world’s smallest cordless drill. Inside the fingertip-sized, 3D printed casing, you’ll find its electrical innards, including the hearing aid battery that powers the tiny bit. How did this project come about? Well, Abernathy was basically inspired to by thinking back to all of the childhood stories that involved miniature worlds. Continue reading for a video, more pictures and additional information.

Smallest 3D-Printed Drill

I have always liked small things and have created small items since I was a little kid.

I was with my work colleagues and was talking about mythical stories about one country making a twist drill and sending it to another.

The other country returned it with a hole through the middle.

Things like this easily challenge me and my idea was born.



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