Smallest Quadcopter Drone

The World’s Smallest Drone is so small that it can fit on a fingertip, as well as its own remote control. At just 3-cm long, 3-cm wide, and 2cm tall, the drone boasts some impressive features, including adjustable flight control sensitivity, 6-axis gyroscopic stabilization, LED lights, intelligent orientation control, and a set of pre-programmed aerial stunts that can be executed at the push of a button. Get one here now for under $24 shipped. Continue reading for two more videos and additional information.

The onboard 3.7v 80 mAh battery is good for approximately 5-7 minutes of continuous flight time, but unlike larger-sized batteries, it also recharges fully in just 15-minutes, which is a good compromise. Its 2.4 gHz transceiver theoretically allows you to maneuver it as far away from the controller as DJI’s far more expensive Phantom drones. More information.