Always wanted a vault like Scrooge McDuck from Duck Tales? Then look no further than this one in Basel, Switzerland. Built in 1912 for the former Schweizer Volksbank, this vault contains over 8-million coins and is still completely functional. Yes, there are actually 1619 deposit boxes that the walls and the new owners gets all of the keys with purchase. Continue reading for a video and more information. reports: “As for those coins, 8 million of anything is a lot, but these are only 5 cent Swiss coins, known as Rappen. That still works out to around $450,000, though. The coins were used as part of an advertising campaign in Switzerland to push for a minimum guaranteed income for all people. All 15 tons of it was dumped in the streets outside a government building to make some sort of point, but then they were left with quite a lot of coins sitting there.”


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