Lockheed Martin Experimental

For just $180000 USD, you could be the lucky owner of the HSV Sea Slice, an experimental United States Navy vessel, built by Lockheed Martin. Based on a variant of the SWATH hull design, known as “SLICE,” Sea Slice is characterized by four teardrop-shaped submerged hulls – double the number seen on most previous designs. According to the US Navy, the design reduces waves and drag, which allows a SWATH vessel to “…operate at higher speeds while retaining their characteristic low motions in a seaway”. Continue reading for more pictures and link to the sales page.

Lockheed Martin Sea SLICELockheed Martin SeaSLICELockheed Martin SeaSLICELockheed Martin SeaSLICELockheed Martin SeaSLICE

Sea Slice can remain stable and travel at high speeds in waves up to 12-feet high. At The 105-ft (32-m) long, 55-ft (17-m) wide, 180-tons (163-tonnes), it features two 3480-horsepower diesel engines, two 180-kW Caterpillar diesel electric generators, and a top speed of 30 knots (56 km/h, or 35 mph). Inside, you’ll find six bunks, a simple kitchen, shower-equipped bathroom, as well as a washer and dryer. If you’ve got $180,000 to spare and are seriously interested, here’s more information.


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