Lenmar ChugPlug

If you’re a MacBook and / or MacBook Air owner who often finds themselves in airports, school, etc. and away from power outlets, the Lenmar ChugPlug is exactly what you need. Simply put, this is a backup battery that makes use of your existing MagSafe adapter to provide an additional 4-hours of power for any 11-inch MacBook Pro (3-hours for 13″ MacBook Air / Pro). Charging could not be easier, as you can just use the existing MagSafe cables to do so. Once you’re finished charging, it easily slides into any backpack, messenger bag, etc. Product page. Continue reading for our lightning review.


The Lenmar ChugPlug looks every bit the premium Apple accessory, with a sleek, super-svelte chassis that measures 9″ x 2.9″ x 1.1″. Think of it as a longer MagSafe adapter. The green accents also looks better than Apple’s pure white design and feels far more sturdy than a normal power adapter, thanks to the its slightly weighted 1.1-pound body. Inside the box, you’ll find a small carrying pouch, the unit itself, and instruction manuals.

Design and Performance

We often find ourselves on the road, so we decided to test the ChugPlug out by using it just about everywhere. On average, it was able to charge an 11-inch MacBook Air from 1% to 40% in 45-minutes. The claimed 4-hours of additional battery life held true, as it lasted an entire 4-hour session at a coffee shop, without requiring a recharge. Yes, this also works perfectly with any MacBook Pro as well, though providing 3-hours of extended use instead of 4. There may be competitors on the market, but we found the ChugPlug to be the easiest to use as it did not require a special modified MagSafe adapter.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a truly premium MacBook extended battery solution, the ChugPlug has a lot to offer, including a sleek design and extended battery life. You won’t find a better backup battery backup solution than the Lenmar ChugPlug for $129.99. Everything from the build quality to the charging feels like an official Apple accessory. If you’re interested, you can pick one up here.

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