Trash Cathedral

At first glance, this looks like any other construction site, but as you step closer, you’ll realize that everything has been salvaged from junkyards. Built by Don Justo of Madrid, Spain, a person with no construction, architecture or engineering background, this cathedral tops out at 131 feet, and just needs a few finishing touches, such as a roof, a few windows and permits, before it can open to the public. It all began 50-years-ago after Justo left his life as a farmer to become a Benedictine Monk, but unfortunately, he came down with tuberculosis which forced him out of the monastery in a greatly weakened state. He promised himself that if he survived he would erect a church dedicated to the Lady of The Pillar, using his own funds, who he prayed to during that turbulent time. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

“While the cathedral�s design is loosely based on St. Peter’s Cathedral, Don Justo has created no formal drawings or engineering plans. His background in farming did not stop him from taking on such a challenging project, which incorporates motifs found in castles, churches, and even the White House. Most of the bricks are salvaged from nearby brick factories, and cathedral’s walls are certainly unorthodox,” says Inhabitat.


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