Cardsharp Clone

This Cardsharp-inspired tool is basically a sleek knife that folds up into credit card form, and you can get one for $1.90 shipped, today only, originally $9.99. Measuring in at a svelte 2.2mm thin, this 13-gram contraption transforms from credit card into a surgical-grade knife, complete with sturdy handle, in seconds. This waterproof tool features a nearly 3-inch long blade, and the polypropylene handle is guaranteed to last a lifetime of unfolding and folding. Product page. Continue reading for a two videos, including a cutting demonstration and additional information.

“It is a great little knife to be able to carry every where with you! It is not the sharpest knife that I have ever used that is the reason that I am rating it a 4 star. It could be sharper. But in a pinch this is going to be great to be able to carry around since all I have is a wallet I do not carry a purse so it fits nicely into my wallet and I am good to go! It is easy to assemble as well as long as you click everything together you are going to be good to use the knife easily,” said one reviewer. More information.

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