Triton 6600 Personal Submarine

Anyone with $5-million and on the fence between getting a yacht or some other fancy toy, Triton’s 6600/2 personal submarine should be added to your shortlist. This machine is capable carrying 2 passengers to depths of 6,600-feet at a steady pace of 3.5 mph. Once in water, you’ll have 10-hours of dive time to explore, along with 96-hours of oxygen in case of any emergency. To maintain comfort, there’s also air conditioning as well as additional high-output LED lights. Click here for more pictures. Continue reading for one more video and information.

” Now, their latest achievement, the Triton 6600/2, is the world’s deepest-diving acrylic hulled submersible vessel. Triton’s claim to fame stems from their pioneering dives in Antarctica. These subs also dove on wrecks in the Mediterranean and explored the reefs of the Maldives and Tahiti,” reports HiConsumption.


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