Shark Diver Mexico

You could either go scuba diving in Mexico, or pay $3,100 for the Shark Diver Experience,, which is basically an all inclusive 6 day trip that takes you from the San Diego airport to Great White infested waters. The package includes wet suits, diving cages and even all your meals. You won’t have to buy any special permits either, but with visibility over 100 feet in the temperate waters of Mexico, be prepared to have at least a few close encounters. Continue reading for two more videos and additional information.

“The vessels in the Shark Diver fleet feature a range of accommodations from private air conditioned staterooms, to every other diving amenity you and or your groups will need. All vessels have dedicated air system for shark cage operations, service the largest shark cages available and have full time experienced great white crews. These guys know sharks. Our vessels are excellent long range dive platforms for those seeking laid back comfort and style while diving with Great Whites in Mexico and Tigers in the Bahamas. Vessels are primarily designed to cater to adventure seeking individual divers, selected dive groups worldwide and professional filmmakers,” says the company.

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