Hitch Theater

When you’re on a road trip and want to catch a new flick, there’s the option of visiting a real theater, or getting “Hitch”. Simply mount this on your truck’s hitch, attach four stabilizing wires, set up a projector, and you’re ready to watch. Measuring 122-inches diagonally, the screen itself is large enough to view from a reasonable distance. Now if your projector is smartphone-compatible, like this one, TV show marathons aren’t out of the question either. Continue reading for a video, more information and the Kickstarter page.

“When three’s a crowd, but you can’t seem to get rid of that third wheel, we’ve got you covered! With your Tall Projector Stand with Removable DVD and Sound Shelf (shelf not pictured), you can still enjoy a night under the stars with multiple people. Simply turn your Hitch Theaters Portable Projector Screen around so it’s facing away from the bed of your truck, and light up your projector! This setup allows you to use your screen on ANY vehicle with a hitch, even if it isn’t a truck,” according to its creator. Kickstarter page.