Deepflight Super Falcon Mark II Submarine

You could either spend $1.6-million buying a used Bugatti Veyron, or a brand new Deepflight Super Falcon Mark II personal submarine. This two-person submersible is powered by a highly-efficient brushless DC truster and a redundant lithium-iron-phosphate battery system, giving it a cruising speed of 2-6 knots. It can dive down to depths of over 100 meters, thanks to a form-fitted composite structure, and it also offers a fly-by-wire flight control system, adjustable carbon fiber seats, an integrated heads-up display with an artificial horizon, as well as a positively buoyant design that will always bring you back to the surface. Continue reading for a longer video, more pictures and additional information.

“It looks like a combination of a plane and a submarine, and is targeted at millionaires and travel companies. The air-conditioned vessel is controlled by a joystick, and the two-seater luxury vehicle can plunge to depths of up to 400ft (120 metres),” says LikeCool.