Rasa Hydrogen Car

UK-based Riversimple has just unveiled Rasa, a strange-looking, hydrogen-powered car that achieves 250mph. It’s powered by a hydrogen fuel cell and only emits a small amount of water, while being touted as the most energy efficient car in the world. The vehicle has room for two passengers, and four-wheel drive, thanks to electric motors in each wheel. One standout feature is the ability to recapture 50% of the kinetic energy that is lost when a typical car brakes, and sending it to super-capacitors at the front of the car for acceleration. Click here to view more pictures of the Rasa. Continue reading for three more videos showing what’s underneath the shell, and additional information.

“After the full design is divulged, 20 cars will be delivered to selected beta testers, and Riversimple aims to bring the car to the wider market in 2018. The vehicle’s special monthly payment plan includes maintenance, insurance, and hydrogen as well as use of the car. Their goal is for the plan to be as affordable as the current costs of a gas-burning car,” reports Inhabitat.

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