Iron Man Glove

This isn’t a prop from an upcoming Marvel movie, just a real working Iron Man glove that fires an aluminum slug and shoots a high-powered 700mW laser from its palm, and another, slightly lower-powered 300mW laser from its knuckles. Created by Patrick Priebe, the outside is made from aluminum, spray-painted with primer, metallic red and candy red on top – inside firing mechanism is brass. It’s activated when the wearer flexes their hand, and the other weapons deploy through an attached controller. The entire project took Priebe just 3-weeks to complete. Continue reading for more.

5. Burning Laser Pen

In this video I build one of the most difficult DIY lasers, the “pen” laser. This laser is incredibly small and runs on 2x AAA batteries, but still packs quite a punch and burns many objects!

4. Laser Watch

Patrick Priebe told me the project took him about 40-50 hours to complete and cost him about $200 in materials. Priebe also said he invents every single component of his devices, from machining the buttons and screws to creating the lasers — including the 1500mW one that’s in this watch.

3. 7.3W Triple Diode Array Laser

Designed with short range power in mind, this laser uses 3 x 9mm 445nm arranged in a knife edge array. Diode collimation optics are AR coated glass aspheric, focus is adjustable via zoom type 4xintegral beam expander. Also features full time active cooling to help tame the 6+ amps of current which the diodes consume. As of Sept. 2013, the worlds most powerful handheld laser in a visible wavelength.

2. Airsoft Laser Gun

I hacked a crappy electronic airsoft gun into a burning laser blaster using a laser diode from a 12X blu-ray disc burner. This thing is absolutely awesome. This laser is legal to build in the US. Always wear goggles when working with lasers over 5mW! This laser outputs 700mW @ 405nm.

1. Laser Cannon Prototype

The prototype gun has a rotating barrel of six Class 4 Arctic laser modules from Wicked Lasers. When it spins, it sends out a tube of laser light that can vaporize a balloon almost instantly. Wouldn’t that go perfectly with fireworks? The laser Gatling also has a bright green Krypton laser for targeting.


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