On the outside, it looks like a giant, floating wooden egg, but on the inside, you’ll see that it contains a modern living space, complete with a sleeping area and photo studio. It’s called the Exmoor Egg, and this &pound40,000 is where British artist Stephen Turner, 58, will live and work for the next year. Continue reading for a video and more information.

Each egg consists of two halves, which are joined together with a special membrane to make the structure watertight. Here’s a little more information:

It took boat builder Paul Baker six months to build the space. He used 8km of cedar to complete it and says trying to get wood to bend round a sphere template was difficult.

Every one of the hundreds of planks was fitted by hand. After the first layer was complete, Baker added waterproof Epoxy Glass matting before adding the second layer of wood.

Baker says in terms of boat building there’s ‘difficult, very difficult, and then the Egg’.