Brick master Matthew Krueger built a working 3D printer with LEGO parts. It’s based on the original Makerbot, and instead of plastic, the LEGObot currently prints with hot glue, which according to Gizmag, is a usable medium, but has a rubbery consistency that leads to a lack of practical uses. Continue reading for a video, more pictures, and additional information.

Krueger is currently limited to utilizing what he has on hand for production, relying on friends with 3D printers for additional parts, but for now, his extruder is made from a hot glue gun so that was the natural material of choice.

“I spent a total of $0 on parts for this. I already had everything and didn’t want to spend extra. I used hot glue because it was fairly cheap, but mainly because it is what I had on hand,” Krueger says.


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