Now that you’ve seen the Gundam Cafe, Gundam Hotel, and Vampire Cafe, it’s time to check out a “Smart Restaurant” in Japan. First off, there are no waiters, just cooks who prepare the food in a back kitchen and a cashier. The food itself is self-service via a conveyor belt, with a tablet-based menu for ordering. Plus, a high-speed conveyer belt delivers the higher-priced specialty dishes in no time. Continue reading for a video and more information.

That’s not all, for every 5 plates of food that you finish, a game pops up on the tablet, and if you beat it, you’ll get rewarded with a small toy. Here’s what has to say:

The smart doesn’t just stop at food delivery and automatic bill creation, though.

The restaurant is also hooked up to monitor how many people are sat there eating, and what they are eating.

That information is compiled and used to inform the kitchen staff which dishes they should be preparing and how many new dishes they should be adding to the conveyor.