Benjamin Von Wong, a photographer from Montreal, unveils his latest project: a shipwreck. who wowed us with his shockingly creative photos of a man on fire, is no stranger to epic concepts and photo shoots. This majestic large-scale shoot involved two models, seven divers, and an underwater shipwreck off the shores of Bali. My Modern Met reports that “the result is a series of breathtaking images depicting ethereal models exploring the sunken ruins of the 50-year-old shipwreck, their hair and gowns flowing gracefully in the currents of the ocean, as elegant and mysterious as sea nymphs or ancient goddesses.” Continue reading for a video, more pictures and additional information.

According to My Modern Met, “The photographer, models, and assistants all had to be trained and licensed to be underwater, so certified divers were necessary for the photo shoot. Extra precautions had to be taken to ensure the safety of the models in holding their breath and navigating the shipwreck. The gorgeous dresses had to be donated by a designer willing to part with the clothing permanently, since seawater would cause permanent damage. Equipment was limited, so Von Wong had to make use of natural light and a single camera in underwater housing.”