If “Z World Detroit” is actually approved for construction, it will be the first zombie-based theme park in the world. That’s right, “all of this will take place in an expansive, enclosed area of Detroit filled with open spaces, industrial buildings and homes.” Think of this as a zombie shopping mall, but on a grand scale. Continue reading for a video and more information.

You and your teammates are weaponless since your ammo has run out. Instead you must rely on your skills and teamwork to avoid the zombies, to design makeshift fortifications, find food and water and withstand the final assault. Can you find a suitable base? Who can you trust? Can a teammate be talked into being a diversion for the greater good? Do you hunker down or make a run for it?

Since there will be no weapons (people are there to have a fun experience), the game play will be centered on specially designed tear-away patches. Once your patches are gone, you become a zombie and join the horde. Alternatively zombies can be eliminated if their patches are ripped off. There will be incentives to collect as many patches as possible, to hold out as long as possible, or if you’re a member of the horde, how close can you come to wiping out all of the survivors?


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