You know what they say…you can never be too prepared for something. While the zombie apocalypse may still be fiction, the world’s first Zombie Boot Camp has opened up in Droitwich, Worchestershire (UK). Attendees will first take part in specialized training exercises, guided by experienced military instructors. Next, they’ll suit up in special armor and battle groups of zombies to prove that they’re ready for the zombie apocalypse. Continue reading for a video and more information.

A day at Zombie Boot Camp starts with equipment and weapons training. Zombie-killing trainees have to put on a standard-issue Kevlar body armor, jacket and pants, and pay close attention to a team of veterans, as they demonstrate how to handle a specially-adapted pistol, assault rifle, grenades and chainsaw. Then they’re drilled in how to clear a room of flesh-craving zombies, before…lunch. That’s right, a nice big nutritious meal, to prepare them for the truly scary part of the training course.

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