No, this isn’t a trailer for an upcoming horror movie, but an actual Zombie Shopping Mall, put on by WishCoUk. That’s right, for $217USD, you’ll get to “battle the zombie menace in an abandoned shopping mall, movie-quality special effects, video game-style missions, and 3+ hours of zombie killing action.” Continue reading for a video and more information.

So what really happens during this creepy event? It all starts with a briefing by the Police Special Zombie Bashing Unit. They’ll give you all the details about the ongoing zombie apocalypse going on in the town of Reading, and about how you have to try and fix things. Then they’ll arm you with a variety of weapons fit for an undead hunter and send you into the condemned mall along with a whole group of other like-minded zombie enthusiasts.

And that’s when the real nightmare begins…With only limited ammo for your air-soft guns, and scarce opportunities to refill your magazines, you’ll need speed and quick thinking in order to survive this 2-2.5-hour long experience that unfolds in real time. There will apparently be “loads of zombies” inside the mall, definitely more than one person can handle without help from his team.

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