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Funny Vandalism

While we don't condone any act of vandalism, these creative examples show that if one were to add some creativity to their illegal act, the image just might go viral online. Whether it be a simple road sign, caution placard, baby diaper changing station, or a Heimlich maneuver instruction panel, these vandals decided to hit them. Continue reading to see them all.

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Baby Cat Funny

Photo credit: Manychairs / Reddit

Reddit user "Manychairs" apparently forgot to tell Roxy the cat about the new baby, and when it finally came time for them to meet, this hilarious expression ensued. Despite the confused look, the two are best friends now and always find time to relax together. On a related note, did you know one trick that may help the cat more quickly accept the baby is to pet your kitty with the baby's socks and then have the infant wear them (fur-side out)? That way, the baby smells like the cat, causing the feline to identify the infant as part of his family from the get-go. Continue reading for more pictures.

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Math Professor Prank

Matthew Weathers, a math professor at Biola University, has been pranking his students for the past 6-years, and his most recent stunt is one for the record books. To start things off, he shows a clip of himself botching a trigonometry lesson in a YouTube tutorial. Then he begins yelling at a digital version of himself, even going behind the projector screen to look like he is inserting himself into the presentation. Before you know it, the mini-mes are fighting and throwing browser icons at each other. Continue reading to see why this video has already received over 6.1-million views.

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NES Zapper Duck Hunt

For gamers who grew up during the NES and Master System era, light guns were probably commonplace in the home, but have you ever wondered how they worked? Well, the Zapper and Light Phaser guns work by receiving light through a photodiode on (or inside) the barrel and then using that light to calculate where you're aiming at on the television screen. After pulling the trigger, the NES blacks out the screen, and the Zapper diode begins reception. The computer flashes a solid white block around the targets you're supposed to be shooting at, and the diode's reception of light (changes in intensity), combined with the sequence of the drawing of the targets, lets the computer know that you hit a target and which one it was. You don't notice this while playing because it happens in a fraction of a second. Continue reading for more.

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Only Tree Standing Japan Tsunami

The 'miracle pine' (above) that survived the 2011 tsunami in Japan has immortalized as a monument to the victims of the disaster. Believe it or not, the 88-foot pine was the only surviving tree in a forest of 70,000 which was wiped out when the tsunami hit Rikuzentakata, Iwate prefecture. As the water receded, it became obvious that the tree would not survive, as too much saline had soaked into the soil, poisoning its roots. So, the tree was cut down, its leaves and branches cast out of giant molds to recreate its shape. Next, the branches, made of reinforced plastic, were cast around carbon-fiber poles. Continue reading for more.

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Baby Squirrel Rescued

Photo credit: Priama / Reddit

Priami, a Reddit user, found a badly injured baby squirrel on the side of a road it. Priami's grandmother thought it was dead at first, but she quickly handed it over to her grandson for safe-keeping after noticing some movement. They tried to release it back into the wild, but since it was still partially blind in one eye, they kept the tiny animal, and named it Arttu. The squirrel lived with them from 2007 to 2013, and these images document the many adventures they ad together. Continue reading for more.

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Granny Hair Internet Trend

Another day, another internet trend, and this time it's called "Granny Hair". Just as the name implies, young women worldwide have started dying their hair gray and posted the ensuing images to social media services, like Instagram. As you're about to see, there are many who end up looking more like Storm from X-Men rather than an elderly grandma. Continue reading for eighteen more interesting examples of this fad.

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Pompous Albert Sheep Cat

Photo credit: Pompous.Albert

Yes, "Bitchy Resting Face" is yet another internet meme / term that has recently caught on, and Pompous Albert, a lovable sheep-cat, might have the best one yet. Albert's luscious, curly fur makes him look like a tiny angry sheep - the curls are a trademark of the Selkirk Rex breed. So now you know that if you think a woman (or cat in this case) looks cranky, she may just be suffering from an affliction called "bitchy resting face." So you best get over it. And don't forget, men have a similar problem. Continue reading for more pictures.

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Beard Facts

Back during the time of pharaohs, the beard was considered to be a divine attribute of the gods, whose closely plaited beards were "like lapis lazuli (deep blue semi-precious stone)". The pharaoh would express his status as a living god by wearing a false beard secured by a cord on certain occasions. Such beards were usually wider toward the bottom, as in the triad statues of Menkaura. Continue reading for more cool and geeky facts.

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Random Acts Kindness

Many people who commit random acts of kindness do not care to be known, but thanks to the internet, it's now easier than ever to recognize them. For example, this person talked to his waitress and Florence, Italy came up. A short while later, he leaves her with a $1,000 tip with a small note: "Your ticket to Italy, enjoy!!". Continue reading for more random acts of kindness that will restore your faith in humanity.

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