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New NSX Replica

From a far distance, this may look like a new facelifted (2016+) Honda / Acura NSX, but it's actually just a strange Civic-based replica from Indonesia. All of its body panels have been swapped out, including a new front fascia, complete with a hood, grille, headlights and air intakes, while Lamborghini-style scissor doors were also added for effect. Continue reading for another facelifted NSX replica and more information.

"Last, but not least, the rear end is also a decent copy of the real NSX, complete with similar taillights, a faux rear diffuser and an angular rear window. What's particularly interesting about this NSX is that it was built in Indonesia back in 2014. As a reminder, the second-generation NSX was unveiled at the start of 2015. This means that this replica precedes the actual car," according to Car Scoops.

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