Standing 13-feet tall, the Kuratas robot is no toy, as it’s “fitted with a futuristic weapons system, including a gatling gun capable of shooting 6,000 BB bullets a minute, which fires when the pilot smiles.” That’s not all, it “can be controlled either through the one-man cockpit or from the outside using any smartphone connected to the 3G network.” Continue reading for two videos and more information.

The video reminds the viewer of the security instructions on an airplane with Anna taking on the role as futuristic airhostess.If you are not the piloting kind of millionaire, Kuratas can be operated using what Suidobashi calls the ‘Master-Slave system’ where you control the robot’s movements from outside using any device with a 3G network such as an iPhone. ‘Automatic alignment allows you to lock on your enemy target. Kuratas will not allow any targets to escape.’



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