Astronaut uploaded Oleg Artemyev, currently stationed inside the International Space Station, captured the supermoon passing the Earth. This supermoon is set to accompany this year’s Perseid meteor shower, one of the most anticipated events on the skywatcher’s calendar. It will be up to 14% bigger and 30% brighter than other full moons during the year, but according to Dr Bill Cooke from Nasa’s Meteoroid Environment Office: “Lunar glare wipes out the black-velvety backdrop required to see faint meteors, and sharply reduces counts.” Continue reading for more.

10. Whittier, California

9. Kalchreuth, Germany

8. Magdeburg, Germany

7. Bad Zwischenahn, Germany

6. Mesa, Arizona, USA

5. Santa Maria, Spain

4. Des Moines, Iowa, USA

3. Hanau, Germany

2. Wanda, Australia

1. Bleinheim, New Zealand



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