In the Transformers series, Ravage was strongly tied to Soundwave, spending the vast majority of time not battling stored in his chest compartment. Notably lacking in the power of speech, Ravage seemed marginally more intelligent than the animal he resembled – capable of basic deductive reasoning and the ability to manipulate simple mechanisms – but was treated by the Decepticons in much the same manner as a human being treats a pet. This is what he looks like as a USB drive. Continue reading for more cool and creative USB gadgets, accessories that geeks would love.

10. R2-D2 USB Car Charger

9. USB Humidifier

8. Iron Man Mark 42 USB Drive

7. USB Power Strip

6. USB Rocket Launcher

5. USB Batteries

4. USB Cufflinks

3. Disposable USB Drives

2. Flamestower Fire Charger

1. USB BB Gun