We’re not saying that all parents shouldn’t text, but for those who aren’t on top of technology, things can get a bit weird. These ten text messages show what happens when things don’t go quite as planned. Continue reading for more.

5 Interesting cell phone facts:

  1. The first mobile telephone call was made from a car in St. Louis, Missouri on June 17, 1946. The call was made using Bell System’s Mobile Telephone Service.
  2. Motorola research Martin Cooper has been credited as the inventor of the first practice mobile phone for handheld use outside of a vehicle. The invention sold for $3,995 and weighed two pounds. The DynaTAc mobile phones had costed $100 million in development and it took over 10 years to hit the market.
  3. The first smartphone was created by BellSouth Cellular and weighed at over a pound. It debuted at the Florida Wireless World Conference in 1993. It was a phone/PDA with an LCD touchscreen display. The smartphone was called Simon and it was designed by IBM and acted like a cellular phone, but also worked as a page, e-mail device, calendar, address book, calculator, and sketchpad. The retail price of the Simon was $899. Only 2,000 were made and they are now considered a collector’s item.
  4. The first SMS message was sent from a computer to a mobile device in 1992 in the U.K. The first person to person SMS from phone to phone was sent in Finland in 1993.
  5. ack in the 1990s, a phony e-mail spread about cellphones. The e-mail was supposedly a message from Shell Oil issuing a warning about three instances of cellphones causing a fire at the pump caused by static electricity. When being contacted in 2003, Shell claimed that the message was a complete hoax and they were not aware of any incidences. Static electricity can cause fuel vapors to combust, but cellphones do not emit enough of electricity to ignite anything.

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