Bushranger’s inflatable car jack may not be common, but it most certainly makes your life easier. It can be inflated with either a portable air compressor or the exhaust and is perfect for unstable areas of mud, sand and snow, offering a wider footprint to avoid sinking. The triple layer top and hard core insert ensure added protection and stability. Continue reading for more simple, yet clever, products that make life easier.

10. Temperature Sensitive Faucet

9. Combo Showerhead and Bluetooth Speaker

8. Sushi Cannon

7. Timed Safe

6. Pillow Tie

5. Laundry Pod – The Portable Laundry Machine

4. Magnetic Wristband

3. Scanmarker Uploads Highlighted Text to Computer

2. Shower Wine Glass Holder

1. Coolest Cooler

Ryan Grepper, creator of the Coolest Cooler, first launched his Coolest Cooler on Kickstarter in November 2013 with a goal of securing $125,000. As you can see in the video, it incorporates a full-sized portable blender, speakers, LED light under the lid and a bottle opener. Despite those features, he finished with $102,188 in pledges the first time around. So, he tried again, reworked the design and launched it in the summer. With 45 days left, it’s already received over $4.5 million in funding on and could top the $10 million crowdfunding record set by the Pebble smartwatch. Kickstarter page.


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