You’d think that a scorching hot summer day with temperatures reaching 37C (98.6F) would mean lots of sunshine, but not for this Siberian beach. A freak hailstorm suddenly occurred and one sunbather said: “It was like being hit by raining bullets from the sky.” While another woman noted, “My husband was protecting my young daughter but his back was exposed to the hailstones and he has bruising all over it.” Continue reading for the video.

What’s most surprising is that bathers said that minutes before the storm there was no clue about the sudden cloudburst to come. From the video, you can see dozens taking cover from the hail under sun umbrellas and beach side shacks with corrugated roofing to no avail. Heavy winds hitting the sandy beach in Novosibirsk late on Saturday afternoon sent towels, beach mats and personal possessions flying.