Ever hear of the “Hidden Data” R2-D2 toothbrush? If you haven’t, it’s because that bathroom gadget was scrapped in favor of another design that was easier to produce. That is just one of the many rejected Star Wars bathroom gadgets that Action Figure Insider has rounded up for your viewing enjoyment. Continue reading to see more.

So with all of those ideas being presented, what did we end up making? Character toothbrushes! Yes, Colgate came back and asked for straightforward character sculpts. And we were happy to provide them! First, we did a series of character designs in color. Then, after some back and forth with both Colgate and Lucasfilm, we narrowed those down and refined the poses. R2D2 got dropped, Darth Vader was added, Anakin gained his helmet, and Yoda lost his vine cave.

Interestingly, when it got down to the final mix we lost Amidala at the sculpting level, and Yoda got his vines back, as we ended up making the Empire Strikes Back version of Yoda, NOT the prequel one.

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