So, you just finished your essay and started running the grammar / spell check function, but came across this notification that suggests you replace “I’m” with “I is”. Now that is just one of the many weird everyday situations that will confuse you, or at least if you think too much about it. Others include: sugar free sugar, drawing perfect eyebrows gone terribly wrong, and children’s books you can actually eat. Continue reading to see them all.

12. An “American” Crayon

11. This is Not Milk

10. SpongeBob Nightmare

9. The PowerPuff Girls: Minus the Girls, Plus Dexter

8. Drawing Eyebrows

7. Wheelchair “Accessible”

6. Sugar Free Sugar

5. Read the Labels

4. Safety Eyewear for Your Ears

3. Climb Up the Stairs

2. New Bigger Size That’s Actually Smaller

1. Not So Sliding Door Company