Black Knight Satellite UFO 2015

The Black Knight satellite, the name that has been given to an object captured on camera by NASA astronauts during a 1998 space shuttle mission, is said to be of extraterrestrial origin, possibly up to 13,000 years old orbiting Earth in near-polar orbit. This footage from August 2015 was taken from NASA’s ISS camera and shows a strange object floating seemingly at the same speed as the space station before slowly fading away. Continue reading for another video on the Black Knight and additional information.

“The USA and Soviet Union have shown particular interest in this ‘unidentified space object’. Since its discovery this satellite has interested countries such as Sweden and enthusiasts worldwide. One of them is a Ham Radio operator who apparently had decoded a series of signals received from the UFO Satellite and interpreted it as a star-chart centered on the Epsilon Bootes Star System and that the Black Knight originated from this System 13.000 years ago,” reports Ancient Code.

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