Now that you’ve seen some funny Splash Mountain photos, we’ve rounded up a batch of interesting staged Space Mountain pictures to go along with them. If you’ve never heard of Space Mountain, it’s basically a space-themed indoor roller coaster attraction located inside all five Magic Kingdom-style Disney Parks. Continue reading to see more – three bonus videos included of the attraction from around the world.

Bonus Video 1 – Tokyo Disneyland Space Mountain

Space Mountain at Tokyo Disneyland opened with the park on April 15, 1983. It was the first version of Space Mountain to open concurrently with the park. From its opening in 1983 and until late 2006, Tokyo Disneyland’s Space Mountain was an almost exact clone of Disneyland’s Space Mountain. The ride was then redesigned to have a more sci-fi futuristic look to it, with new effects, and a new space port which features a futuristic space ship hanging from the ceiling. Like its Walt Disney World counterpart, there is no ride audio to the seats.

Bonus Video 2 – Disneyland Paris Space Mountain

The version at Disneyland Paris opened on June 1, 1995, three years after the opening of the park. It was originally called De la Terre � la Lune, and was originally designed as a view on space travel from a Jules Verne-era perspective, based on the novel From the Earth to the Moon. It then underwent modifications in 2005 and is now officially named Space Mountain: Mission 2. The journey now takes riders beyond the Moon, to the very edge of our universe. The track is totally different from the other four, since it’s the only one to have inversions.

Bonus Video 3 – Hong Kong Disneyland Space Mountain

Space Mountain at Hong Kong Disneyland is based on the refurbished Space Mountain at Disneyland, with a similar soundtrack and the same layout. It also features new show elements not presented in the refurbished California version (i.e. a “hyperspeed” tunnel). It will not feature the Rockin’ Space Mountain configuration that was featured in Disneyland’s Space Mountain in 2007.

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