Albert Einstein Office After Death

Photo credit: Ralph Morse – Time & Life Pictures / Getty Image

This isn’t some random office from the 1950s, but rather Albert Einstein’s office, exactly as the Nobel Prize-winning physicist left it, a few hours after he passed in April 1955. The photographer who captured the images above, Roger Morse, says: “Einstein died at the Princeton Hospital…so I headed there first. But it was chaos – journalists, photographers, onlookers. So I headed over to Einstein’s office at the Institute for Advanced Studies. On the way, I stopped and bought a case of scotch. I knew people might be reluctant to talk, but most people are happy to accept a bottle of booze, instead of money, in exchange for their help. So I get to the building, find the superintendent, give him a fifth of scotch and like that, he opens up the office.” Continue reading for more.

18. 19-Year-Old Robert Wadlow (8ft 7in) Chatting with Friend

Robert Wadlow

17. Blackfoot Indian Chief Sitting for Phonograph Recording (1916)

Blackfoot Indian Chief

16. US Army Helicopters in Vietnam War (1965)

Vietnam War US Helicopters

15. Deadwood, South Dakota, USA (1876)

Deadwood, South Dakota

14. Red Sox vs. Tigers at Huntington Avenue Grounds (1910)

Huntington Avenue Grounds

13. Trench Warfare Captured by British Photographer During WW1

Trench Warfare

12. Ravi Shankar at Woodstock

Ravi Shankar Woodstock

11. Children One Month After Hiroshima Bombing (1945)

After Hiroshima Bombing

10. Mark Twain Redwood (1892)

Mark Twain Redwood

9. Batman and Robin TV Show Filming (1966)

Batman and Robin TV Show

8. Jack Johnson vs. James Jeffries (1910)

7. Bootblacks Gather Around Civil War Veteran (1935)

Civil War Veteran

6. Robin Williams Performing as a Mime in NYC’s Central Park (1974)

Robin Williams Mime

5. Elvis Kissing Adoring Fan in Richmond, Virginia (1956)

Elvis Kissing Fan

4. First Atomic Bomb Detonated in Trinity Nuclear Test (1945)

Trinity Nuclear Test

3. Alcatraz Prison Menu (1946)

Alcatraz Prison Menu

2. Boeing B-29 Superfortress Bomb Bay During WWII

Boeing B-29 Superfortress

1. Delivering Computer 1957

Delivering Computer 1957


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