It’s not unusual to see someone constantly using their iPhone, but what if you found out that it was actually a flask that just looks like a phone? We’ve rounded up eighteen more strange and funny gadgets, accessories that actually exist for your viewing enjoyment. Continue reading to see them all – some product pages are directly linked in the title.

18. Anti-Snore Neck Scarf

17. Fireproof Animal Coat

16. Balloon Roulette

15. Vader Apron

14. Subway Train Tent

13. Bear Salt and Pepper Shakers

12. Superhero Shot Glasses

11. Buffalo Wing Finger Protectors

10. Geometric Trailer

9. LEGO Brick Spy Camera

8. Face Slimmer Mouthpiece

7. iPad Floor Stand Case

6. Illuminated Clothes Hangers

5. Whatever Time Watch

4. Axe Mousepad

3. Travel Suitcase

2. Self-Stirring Mug

1. Happy Smile Trainer

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