Why bother replacing a broken light switch plate with a standard one, when the “Power-Up” plate is available. That is just one of the many strange and somewhat practical gadgets, accessories that we’ve rounded up for you today. Continue reading to see more.

18. Bike Stroller

17. Dumpster Pool

16. Bike Wine Rack

15. Backseat Bed

14. Rope Bracelet

13. Nutella Snack & Drink

12. iPhone Cassette Tape Converter

11. Plastic Bottle Launcher

10. Sleeping Bag Hoodie

9. All-in-One Shelves

8. Fridge TV Cabinet

7. Aquarium Sink

6. Game Controller Smartphone Adapter

5. Hamster Shredder

4. Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

3. Gun Drill

2. Donut Holder Coffee Mug

1. Past Present Future Watch