Russia is currently the world’s ninth most populous nation with 143 million people as of 2012. It extends across the entirety of northern Asia and much of Eastern Europe, spanning nine time zones and incorporating a wide range of environments and landforms. However, with such a population and large area of land, there are bound to be things seen there that will leave you scratching your head, like the example above. Continue reading for more.

18. Side-by-Side Toilets

17. Zero Leg Room Seat

16. Smoking One-Eyed Doll Head in Pipe

15. Stairs to Nowhere

14. Windows

13. Handrail Facade

12. Office Chair Bike

11. BBQ in the Sea

10. Shrinkwrapped Car

9. Elderly Woman Riding with Furniture

8. Parkour Door

7. ATM for Basketball Players

6. Perched Like Birds

5. Trunk Seat

4. Ninja Warrior Playground

3. Custom Fiberglass Bumper

2. Rowboat Transport

1. C-3PDOG