Star Wars Wedding Invitation

Most wedding invitations are designed purely to “get the job done”, but this Star Wars-themed creations takes things to the next level. Imgur’s “Homerliwag” hired Somersault Letterpress in Las Vegas for the job, and he says: “I wanted to create an invite that was part puzzle, part museum piece for our “May the 4th be with you” wedding. The discovery starts with a cryptic date letterpressed on the top of a simple black box. After taking off the lid, all you see is a white Star Wars miniature ship and the words – ‘Take Off’. After ‘taking off’ the paper under the ship, the wedding information is revealed. A fun RSVP card with custom envelope lies even further beneath. Even the postage stamp is customized with our wedding ‘icon’ – a graphic that combines Star Wars and Indiana Jones…The true manifestation of our geeky-ness.” Continue reading for more.

Geeky Wedding Invitations