Canned foods are great during emergencies, or just to save time, but there’s some things that are better left in your imagination, like scorpions. That is just one of the many strange food that we’ve rounded up for you today. Continue reading to see more.

18. Mole Crickets

17. Meat Pudding

16. Bamboo Worms

15. Reindeer Pate

14. Pork Brains in Milk Gravy

13. Frog Legs

12. Huitlacoche (corn fungus)

11. Lamb Tongues

10. Rattlesnake

9. Platypus

8. Alligator

7. Ant Eggs

6. Grasshopper

5. Fish A**holes

4. Whole Chicken

3. Creamed Possum

2. Creamed Armadillos

1. Silkworm Pupae