Hidden Pool

Have more money than you know what to do with? Then a hidden pool might be just what your mansion needs. At the push of a button, the pool deck automatically descends and water fills in the void left behind – push it again to hide everything. The mechanically-controlled platforms can also double as steps down into the water, as each pool is custom built. Continue reading for more.

20. Backyard Shower

Backyard Shower

19. Hidden Bookshelf Room

Hidden Room Bookshelf

18. LEGO Wall


17. Two Story Backyard Treehouse

Two Story Backyard Treehouse

16. Home Built On Top of a Real Creek

Creek Floor

15. Bedroom Waterslide

Bedroom Waterslide

14. Pool Theater

Pool Theater

13. Home Mini Golf Course

Home Mini Golf Course

12. Underground Wine Cellar

Underground Wine Cellar

11. Bunk Bed Quadrant

Bunk Bed Quadrant

10. Staircase Slide

Staircase Slide

9. Treehouse Bedroom

Treehouse Bedroom

8. Accordion Windows

Accordion Windows

7. Ceiling Hammock

Ceiling Hammock

6. Swim Up Bar and Grill

Swimming Pool Bar and Grill

5. 3-Story Home Climbing Wall

Home Climbing Wall

4. Circular Ceiling Bookshelf

Circular Bookshelf

3. Underground Parking Garage

Underground Parking Garage

2. Home Movie Theater with Starry Fiber Optic Ceiling

Stars Home Theater Ceiling

1. Calvin & Hobbes Room

Calvin & Hobbes Room

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