Unlike most commercial planes, fighter jets are equipped with ejection seats that allow pilots to safely exit their craft in case of emergency. Being able to capture this happening is an entirely different story, one that requires lots of luck and the proper camera equipment. Continue reading to see twenty-four amazing examples.

5 Interesting fighter jet facts:

  1. American jet fighters usually carry the designation “A” and “F” before their call numbers. The “A,” as in the A-10, symbolizes attack and the “F,” such as the F-16, stands for fighter.
  2. The Harrier “jump jet” can take off and land vertically.
  3. The Russians were the first to introduce angled jet wings, called the swept-wing design. This allows a jet fighter to fly the speed the sound without risking damage to its infrastructure.
  4. The fastest jet in the world is the SR-71 Blackbird, which flies more than three times the speed of sound at 2,500 mph.
  5. The first functional jet was built by the Germans and flew combat missions during the last two years of World War II; its name was the Messerschmitt Me 262.

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