For those with $17.5-million laying around, this hidden submarine base in Norway is an option. However, most people can only afford to spend a night or two in a luxurious underwater resort, and these three examples should do the trick. Continue reading to see them all.

3. Water Discus Hotel (Dubai)

Water Discus Hotel is a design concept for a hotel that is partially underwater. The hotel consists of two large disc-shaped structures, one above and one below water. The 21 guest rooms are located in the underwater disc, with floor to ceiling windows providing a view of life undersea. Water Discus Hotel was created by Polish firm Deep Ocean Technologies. The first hotel is in early development for construction in Dubai.


2. Poseidon Resorts (Fiji)

Plans call for 24 undersea suites with 4-inch-thick transparent plexiglass windows to let guests take in the world under the sea. Although all the suites will be connected to a permanently fixed main corridor, they’ll be detachable stand-alone modules that can resurface if necessary. Visitors would access Poseidon’s suites airlocks with carbon fiber doors. This form of entry and exit allows the resort to keep its interior at surface pressure, lessening the possibility of any physiological side effects such as decompression.


1. Ithaa Underwater Restaurant (Maldives)

Seafood takes on new meaning at Rangali Island’s underwater restaurant, a 14-seat eatery located 16 feet below the water’s surface. The boat-size structure is encased in a transparent acrylic tunnel offering 270-degree exterior views, so it’s almost like dining in a fish tank. Visitors descend into the restaurant via a spiral staircase that’s located in a thatched pavilion at the end of a jetty.


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