While the opening ceremony for the 2012 London Olympics may not be as extravagant as Beijing’s, there were still some stunning sights to be had, namely the LED-equipped stadium. Not everyone was able to stay up for the entire 4-hours it ran, so we’ve rounded up some stunning photos and videos of the ceremony for your viewing enjoyment. Continue reading to see more.


The 530 athletes of Team USA made a patriotic entrance to the London stadium tonight, clad in their Ralph Lauren uniforms and Made in China berets, and being warmly applauded by First Lady Michelle Obama and Mitt Romney in the stands. Flag bearer Mariel Zagunis led the team out as she held the national flag in the athlete’s parade, waving triumphantly at the crowd.

Though Team USA were one of the last to appear – as the parade is done alphabetically – they did not let this dampen their enthusiasm while the Americans in the crowd loudly voiced their support and appreciation. Earlier today, the First Lady cheered on Team USA at a breakfast reception, before helping American and British children get moving alongside soccer star David Beckham and other athletes.


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