If you surveyed 100 students anonymously, you’d probably be surprised at just how many of them have cheated at least once before on an exam. Well, to combat cheating, some schools in China have gone the extra yard. Continue reading to see more.

3. Security Cameras

We understand the need for security cameras in banks and stores, but in the classroom? This may going a bit too far because in addition to needing security guards to monitor the cameras, you’ll have to shell out a pretty penny for all the equipment first.

2. Outdoor Exams

Without being constrained to small classrooms, teachers apparently can now spread students’ desks out as far as needed to prevent them from glancing over at their neighbors. Now the only question left is, which unlucky students will have to help move everything back inside?

1. Custom File Folder Helmets

In practice, custom file folder helmets may seem like a good way to prevent students from cheating, but it also looks like they get in the way of their vision as well. Let’s just hope they don’t resort to actual helmets, or else we may have students passing out mid-exam during hot days.