3D printers have coming a long way since they were first introduced, so much so that individuals are now using them to create fully-functional bicycles, cars, and lots more. We’ve rounded up three of the latest news-worthy inventions for your entertainment. Continue reading to see them all.

3. Zoybar TOR

Based on the Zoybar open platform, musician Bard “modeled the guitar using Blender, then output the body parts over at Shapeways, using their 3D printers for about $175.” As you can probably already tell, not everything with 3D printed, as the actual core is based on an “open platform, which lets musicians experiment with their own custom musical instruments using a library of standard, reusable components.”


2. Bicycle

More than just a sculpture, this fully-functional bicycle was made with a 3D printer. To be more specific, “scientists in Bristol designed the bike on a computer and sent it to a printer, which placed layers of melted nylon powder on top of each other to build-up the machine.” Individual components such as gears, pedals and wheels are usually made in different factories and assembled into a finished bike but the Airbike is a single, complete part.


1. Urbee

Called the Urbee, this vehicle took 15-years to complete, boasts 3-wheels, two-seats, and a combustion engine for emergencies. It “was made using a special printer which built up layer upon layer of bodywork – almost as if the car was ‘painted’ into existence, except using layers of ultra-thin composite that are slowly ‘fused’ into a solid.” Underneath is a petrol and electric hybrid engine which helps make it one of the greenest cars in the world. Experts have said the car uses eight times less energy than a similar vehicle and can go can go 200mpg on the motorway.



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