We all know that zombies are afraid of water, so what better place to relax during an apocalypse than the private island you see above? It has a comfortable home, with all the amenities you’d expect from an isolated abode. Continue reading to see three more incredible zombie apocalypse fortresses.

3. Missile Silo

Preparing for the zombie apocalypse can get quite expensive, and even more so when you are looking to purchase an underground missile silo home. Starting at $1-million, these “survival condos” in Kansas have “a three-source (primary plus two backups) water supply and reservoir system that includes a sophisticated purification system that insures the water supply is safe for consumption.” Ownership requires mandatory training and familiarization visits of all members. The facility has a military grade security system that includes visible spectrum cameras, infrared cameras, proximity sensors, microphones, trip sensors, passive detectors, as well as confidential defensive systems both automated and manually operated.

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2. Safe House

Yes, this zombie-proof house has been around for quite a while, or at least in internet time, but here’s a closer look inside this transforming house by Robert Konieczny of KWK Promes in Poland. For the wealthy who’ve always wanted a zombie-proof home, Robert Konieczny of KWK Promes is the man you should be calling right now. This example, called the “Safe House”, has walls that can be sealed shut, making it impenetrable to just about anything short of missiles / bombs. That’s not all, there’s even a guesthouse, complete with floor-to-ceiling windows.


1. Hidden Submarine Base

Have $17.5-million burning a hole in your pocket and want a secret hideout for the zombie apocalypse, or whatever may be coming our way? This hidden submarine base in Norway just might be what you’re looking for. The property has approximately 13,500 square meters of buildings above ground, about 2500 square meters quay and a real mountain resort of about 25,000 square consisting of among other things: dry dock for submarine / boat, workshops, office, fuel systems, warehouse, tunnel system, and an emergency power system.

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