The FaceWeaver Exercise Mask is no gag product, as it supposedly “stretches and tightens the face and cheeks, kneading out wrinkles, lines and sag. Just five minutes a day and your face will appear more youthful and energetic.” Unfortunately, this isn’t something you can make yourself. Expect to shell out $60 for the “wavy materials working to stimulate and pull on your muscles as you make different facial expressions.” Product page. Continue reading for more strange exercise gadgets you won’t believe exist.

3. FaceTrainer

According to the company, FaceTrainer is the only device of its kind to be registered and listed with the FDA, combining facial exercise with resistance training to give your face a natural looking lift. There’s no recovery, no scars, and no inconvenience. Just 10 minutes a day and the “FaceTrainer are all you need to discover newfound confidence and pride in a younger, healthier looking you.”

2. Shake Weight

The Shake Weight is a modified dumbbell that oscillates, purportedly increasing the effects of exercise. As a result of the perceived sexually suggestive nature of the product, infomercial clips of the exercise device have gone viral. Johann Verheem is the inventor of Shake Weight and CEO of FitnessIQ. By August 2010, a reported two million Shake Weight units had been sold for a total of $40 million in sales.

1. Free Flexor

First, there was the Shake Weight, and now, there’s the Free Flexor, a “revolutionary fitness product that introduces the patent-pending Circular Strength Technology to athletes and beyond.” Though it may provide a decent workout, this gadget is probably still not something you should use around strangers.


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